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Our Story

I always had this question in my mind that how can I make the important occasions of my loved ones special for them. It was until the birthday of my best friend when I decided to gift her a personalized magazine which captured all the special moments and memories of her life. In short, that magazine described her journey. The reaction after she opened that was priceless. It was this moment when I decided to make more such magazines, but this time for other people, under the name Memoragzine.


The response, love, and appreciation received from them made me more confident about my concept. Be it birthdays, weddings, or any other special occasion, central convoy is cherry on the cake. This concept eventually went well for educational and corporate projects too, as we created a brochure style magazine for businesses, annual magazine for institutes and some quirky invitations, online and in print.


The Small Details

Central Convoy is located in Pune, India. It is for everyone who is looking for a unique and personal gesture. We love to see how much pleasure you experience on seeing your finalised publication. We work here with a dedicated team and see the most beautiful creativities in the form of Newspapers, Magazines, and Books every day. Each copy is unique and has its own story. We are passionate about creatively capturing every detail of your love or life story and artfully presenting it within your very own luxury publication. You can order from 1 copy to 10,000 copies and we will be there to serve you.

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