Relive your memories

Personalised Magazine

How would you feel if your Birthday was featured inside a magazine? We bring to you the most exciting personalized Birthday gift ideas you’ve yet come across. instead of buying your friend or loved one the traditional book or bouquet of flowers, let us capture their endearing features in a beautiful, stylish magazine with their image on the Cover. They will be absolutely high as a kite!


Personalised Newspaper

Announce your friend's birthday and make them the hot topic by featuring them on the front page. And why just the front page, dedicate the headline of the newspaper to them.

Personalised Book

Know Someone so much that you can write a book on them? Then why not gift them a professionally designed dedicated book. All you have to do is to answer a bunch of questions about them, share their pictures and let our team handle the rest.


Travel Magazine

Latest Technology has overpowered the traditional albums but it still feels great to hold the memories. Why not convert your photos in a magazine with the small details about the tour which will stay with you forever.